Everyday style

Makeup & hair for any any time of any day.

Often through sheer perseverance and patience, most women are able to do a fair job of their own makeup but it’s often the finishing touches that make a pretty face into a beautiful one. I offer a range of services especially suited to add the crowning glory in your quest to look like a princess:

For your eyes, I have strip lashes, both salon professional and Mink 3D. I offer nail shaping and polishing with shellac application for  both fingers and toes. And I have professional spray tans to add colour to your skin.

Unlike many makeup artists I can also offer hair styling, including updos, loose or tight curling and straightening. I can add plaits, braids and beads to achieve your desired look.

Please visit me in the quiet, relaxed surroundings of my studio in Poole to discuss your requirements. You can show me your usual makeup routine and I can enhance your look and advise you on techniques and colours.

Millie Peters everyday makeup
Millie Peters everyday makeup

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